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The #blogg100 challange

Since I wrote the first blog post, I have been part of a big challenge started by Fredrik Wass. It’s called #blogg100 and the rules are simple:

  • Every day, 100 days in a row, at least one new post have to be posted on your blog.
  • Tag every post with #blogg100

The last number of blogs participating I’ve heard was 521 blogs. I have never had a personal blog before, only company blogs, so it’s a real challenge for me. Doing it in english instead of swedish takes it up a level as well.

How to follow the blogs?

Hopefully, after 100 posts, I can consider this a fun habit.

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Inspiration; Three creative job applications

I have seen many creative job application, really inspiring to see all that creativity. Here are three examples:

Karl Lehmann makes a rap song

Karl Lehmann is a swedish guy who just finished school and wanted a job in the advertising business, so he did a rap video as his application. I don’t know if he got any job, but at least an article in the swedish newspaper Resume.

Matthew Epstein – Google, please hire me

Matthew Epstein is a guy who really wanted a job at Google so fixed a mustache and tried to seduce the search giants with his video.

Jeanne for Pinterest

Jeanne Hwang wanted a job at Pinterest and turned her account into an application. Really creative!


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Swedish Hasbeens liked and commented on the Facebook page

Yesterday, I got a respons from Swedish Hasbeens about the application. It sounds like they like the format of the application and that it is the most creative application they got. Sounds good since creativity was one of the things they were searching for.

Swedish Hasbeens commented

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Swedish Hasbeens is notified

Late last night I tweeted, sent an e-mail and posted to the Swedish Hasbeens facebook page about the application, so now they know about it. No reaction so far, but hopefully within the next couple of days.

I have recieved good feedback from friends, family and people just hearing about the project. So far, I have 47 likes on the facebook page. Hopefully it will spread more during next week, I guess people are busy during the weekend.

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creativejobapplication.com is live!

My job application is finally live on creativejobapplication.com. To get the most out of this experience I will keep you updated about what I do to get the word out. Any good ideas? Please let me know!

The steps I have done after the site went live:


  • Shared the Facebook status on my wall.
  • Invited all my Facebook friends to the page.
  • Tweeted about the web site.
  • Started following Swedish hasbeens (the company with the job) on Twitter.

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One idea, so little time.

I had just finished my application for the job, when I called my brother to hear what he had to say about the application. This was at 6pm last night. Together we came up with the idea that I could copy the company website (swedishhasbeens.com) and create an online job application instead. Cool idea, right?

Now, 24 hours later, the application is done. The deadline for the application is today, so it had to be done quickly. See the result at creativejobapplication.com.


I will tell you more about it, but right now I have to release it to the public. A bit scary, but what can go wrong?

Would you like to help me get the job? Please like and spread my page on Facebook :)

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